Cookie Policy

How Information Is Gathered


In common with many other websites, MCF collects information in order to improve the service its website provides. This is often done by putting small files on to your computer/tablet/mobile phone that are called cookies. These files cannot be used to identify individuals or collect personal information.


What information does MCF collect?


The information collected is related purely to the website usage i.e. most popular pages, how long a user is on the site, number of download’s etc. so we can concentrate our efforts on certain aspects of the site.


MCF respects people's rights to privacy and keeps any information collected private.


What are cookies?


Cookies can be broken down into 2 categories: first party and third party.


First party cookies - these are currently only used by system administrators and content editors.


Third party cookies - MCF uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information. Click here to view Google's privacy policy.


You can manage these cookies from within your browser settings.


If you have any questions/concerns relating to the above, please don't hesitate to contact us.