MCF Overseas - Mobile


Ray and Jean Booth (Denmark and France)

In addition to serving a number of churches across the north of England, Ray and Jean also serve a network of churches in Denmark and another church in Paris, France.




Neil & Sheena Wardrope (CLC International)

Neil and Sheena Wardrope have been working with CLC International since 1993. For 11 years they worked in Madrid, Spain but, towards the end of their time there, Neil took on more responsibility for the oversight of CLC in Europe.

In the summer of 2004 Neil was elected to become the International Director of CLC, covering CLC bookshops, distribution and publication in 55 countries. Neil and Sheena both work at the CLC International Office on Abbeydale Road, Sheffield.



Mandy Munks (China)

Mandy is now back in the UK after spending a year working at a welfare centre in Sanmenxia in Henan province with International China Concern, a Christian development organisation bringing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled. Of the residents at the centre, 56 are children or teens and over 90% of the residents have significant disabilities. As well as providing care for the children, Mandy is using her experience in the Special Care Baby Unit at Jessop’s to create a developmental assessment tool so staff can see what stage the children are at in their development and so the children can receive personalised care.


Geoff & Pauline Williams (GAP Ministries)

“Geoff and Pauline Williams are GAP Ministries. To summarise their ministry is not easy (!) but they act as a catalyst in many ways, giving encouragement, direction and advice, prayer, teaching and discipleship in the situations with believers they meet abroad. Also in the UK, they are pleased to advise those interested in regard to overseas service.Their ministry has taken them to over 25 nations, with a special concern for the countries of Asia, where they and their family lived and served for sixteen years.”

"I sought for a man, to build up the wall, to stand in the gap" (Ezekiel 22:30)


Roy and Jenny Rambles (RAJ Ministries)

A rich friendship that has developed through GAP Ministries is that between MCF and Roy and Jenny Rambles. They run a school on the border between India and Nepal as well as an ever-increasing range of ministries in that region of the world.

RAJ exists to reach the needy downtrodden people of Northern India and Nepal with the love of Christ by encouraging, educating, and equipping them to face life in our world today.


Chrissy Perillo (Phillippine Outreach Centre)

Chrissy Perillo went to the Philippines as a young 21 year-old woman with a great vision to serve the Filipino people and an even greater God on her side.

Now, over 25 years later, that vision is still being fulfilled. POC Ministries provides free education to the poor, a loving home to over 85 babies, children (some with special needs) and young people. They also minister to inmates in local prisons including a maximum security jail and give spiritual guidance through church plants and children’s outreach programmes.
Chrissy's story has been published in a book called Living under the Shadow of the Volcano.


Terry and Carole Langsley (Turkey and Cyprus)

Terry and Carole have a heart for “mission” wherever it is - Turkey, North Cyprus, India etc - and look to encourage believers and friends as well as teaching English as requested.
They met in Turkey in 1965 and that is the land and people group they most concentrate on to this day, currently making trips twice a year. They also mingle with international students here in Sheffield and they anticipate longer periods of time relating to visitors from Muslim and Asian countries to our university city.



Alan and Cheryl Parrett (Uganda)

Alan and Cheryl have been working in Uganda since 2004. Initially they worked in Kasese in the West of the country where they pioneered the Alpha Course Programme and taught women marketable skills at the Kasese Women's Learning Centre.

In 2010 they moved to Kampala to take the position of Country Representatives for Emmanuel International. They now have responsibility for liaising with the various Dioceses of Church of Uganda to identify possible projects and programmes, writing project proposals, seeking funding and personnel and then supporting those volunteers. They have ongoing projects in Kasese and Pader and will be launching other programmes in Kitgum and Gulu. They will return to England in February 2014.


South America

Mike Thompson (Partners in Peru)

Mike has led regular ministry trips to 4 different places in Peru since 1993. Much of the work he has done has involved taking teams to Peru to help local believers with the construction of new church buildings and, in particular, a new Bible School.

Mike is now looking at other ways of supporting the churches such as helping in the area of Pisco, hit by a severe earthquake in 2007. Helping people to rebuild their lives and homes after such a devastating event is continuing and includes giving vocational training in carpentry and Biblical Studies. New areas of work include arranging funding for medical work in poorer areas.