What Matters To Us

Here are some of the things that really matter to us and which shape who we are, what we do and who we hope to be.  These are things that many of us can agree on – and of course there will be plenty of challenges too!

Knowing God loves us

Extravagantly. Lavishly. Beyond understanding – and certainly beyond what we deserve.

Everything we do is motivated by and is in response to that love, which we see in the life of Jesus.


It’s all about Him.  Everything we do, we do because of Him and for Him.

Holy Spirit People

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower us and to guide us as we live out the Christian life.  We long for - and we need - the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the Church, both natural and supernatural gifts (they’re all given by God).

Relying on the Bible

We are committed to learning from the Bible – personally and corporately - and changing our lives to reflect what it teaches, even if that is against contemporary society’s way of living.

Engaging and Growing

Whether in worship, prayer, small group life or service, we want to engage eagerly and actively with God, growing in our love for Him, for each other, for our community and our nation.

In our personal life and the life of our church family, we want to bring everything we have to Him and we look to receive everything He has for us.


Sharing everything we have received from God, we demonstrate his love by giving of our time and money, by taking time to share God’s love in word and action, and by supporting others serving God in this country and overseas.


Our church family is made up of people from a variety of places, age groups, experiences, backgrounds and cultures. We welcome people from all backgrounds to journey with us.



MCF is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and has signed up to it's Basis of Faith.