Victor Palla – Palakonda & Andrha Pradesh

Victor and his wife, Lydia, support a network of churches in Palakonda in Andrha Pradesh, India (about half way down on the eastern side of the country). Victor originally came to Mattersey Bible College in the UK and became good friends with Geoff and Pauline Williams. He and Lydia returned to India to start a church in Palakonda (where there were no churches) and to work in the remote local villages – the work began with preaching on the streets of the town and now, some 36 years later, there is a thriving church in Palakonda itself and some 35 churches in the surrounding villages plus a supported children’s home. We regularly provide financial support to the ministry there which has enabled such things as fresh water wells to be dug, church buildings to be constructed and motor-bikes / vehicles to access the remote villages.

Roy and Jenny Ramble

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Solomon Kings

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