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Our values are a way of expressing the things that matter to us. They explain what we care about and they make us think intentionally about everything we do. They influence the way we do things and underpin and inspire everything we do locally and further afield. MCF’s four key values are:


Encountering God

Our relationship with God is key.

Knowing that God loves us as Father. Extravagantly. Lavishly. Beyond our understanding – and certainly beyond what we deserve.

Jesus is at the centre of everything we do. We encourage dynamic and expressive worship in response to who He is and what we experience of Him in our lives day-to-day.

We look for the Holy Spirit to be at work in us and through us constantly. We long for – and we need – the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the Church, both natural and supernatural gifts (they’re all given by God).

We are committed to learning from the Bible – individually and corporately – and to changing our lives to reflect what it teaches.

As we encounter God and learn to depend on Him more, we get a better understanding of His call on our lives and our lives are transformed.

Transforming Communities

We are actively involved in the community, being salt and light, working for transformation one life at a time.

We long to see others experience for themselves the love of God. That’s why we engage with the local community, demonstrating the love of God in a variety of ways.

We believe that lives are changed as people encounter Jesus for themselves. Often someone’s first experience of the love of God is through an act of kindness that challenges their thinking. So we are actively involved in the community, being salt and light, working for transformation one life at a time.

This value also influences our work overseas, where we support a number of people engaged in transforming their communities in a wide range of excellent projects.

Getting Involved

We encourage everyone to be involved in the life of the church.

We see the church as a place for crew, not passengers, so everyone is encouraged to find the place where they can best serve the church and the community. If you’re not sure where you can get involved, talk to one of the elders to explore possibilities.

Whether in worship, prayer or service, we encourage everyone to engage actively with God and with one another, sharing our lives together. That’s how we grow in our love for Him, for each other, for our community and the world.

Living Generously

Generousity underpins all that we do and influences our attitude to our time, money, possessions and the way we support others both within and outside MCF.

Generosity is demonstrated in our approach to sharing our time and money to support other ministries and churches without expecting any benefit to MCF. We know that God is generous and we want to echo His generosity.

We aim to make a difference with the resources available to us to fulfil God’s purpose in Batemoor and Jordanthorpe and neighbouring communities. Beyond that, we also work in partnership with churches and organisations both at home and abroad.

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